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Okay. Getting there, slowly. We're going to have snippets of helpful things here and full 'how to set up X' over on Mama Linux.

Disable Single User Mode on Centos 6.x

How to add a little security to a default install of Centos 6 by removing the option to reset the root password via booting into single user mode.

Set up ssh access for Virt Manager

For Virt Manager to work across multiple hosts you need key-based ssh access.

Extract .tar.gz files from the CLI

How to extract compressed files of the .tar.gz variety. An essential bit of knowledge.

Extract .gz files from CLI

How to extract .gz (not .tar.gz) files from the Linux CLI.

Reset Windows password using Linux

How to reset a Windows password using Linux. It's very, very easy! We hope this helps you out of a troublesome situation!

mdadm failed drive replacement

If you're running a mdadm RAID array and a drive fails, what do you do? Here's something that might help.

Use dd to clone a drive and view progress

How to clone any drive using dd and then view the progress of the operation

Snort with Barnyard and MySQL on Centos 6

How to set up Snort with Barnyard and MySQL on Centos 6 to make a nice IDS solution.

At least [number]mb needed on the boot filesystem

This error can stop you updating a system. This is how to sort it on a CentOS/RHEL OS.

Change Default runlevel in RHEL/CentOS and clones

How to change the default runlevel in RHEL clones. Control what your install boots to - desktop or CLI.

Optimise Basic Linux Networking

A few changes that make a difference to overall network throughput. Worth doing!

Adding KVM Virtio Drivers to Windows

Switching all devices to virtio when using KVM is a must. Here's how to add drivers to Windows without it throwing a BSOD.

Dump and then restore using mysqldump

How to get those DBs into files for storage/transfer and how to then get them back into your new/backup server.
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